Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Give yourself any ringtone you want on a verizon phone, Free.

This is probably old as the internet, but I've had friends of mine ask how I get such cool sounds on my phone. It's simple, really. All it requires is a phone capable of receiving PIX and FLIX messages (preferably for free, right), a Gmail account, a computer with a headphone and microphone jack, and one of these:

                                                  This is a Male-to-Male jack for audio.

The next part's simple, no Batman assassinations necessary!     

   At this point, I'm assuming either you are running Windows OR are familiar with how to record sounds on your computer.
First, locate the Sound Recorder application (for current Windows versions, start > Sound Recorder). You can pick a third party app if you want, but this is just out of the box Windows we're dealing with here.

I pray this isn't actually necessary.
Next, find the sound clip you actually want to record. Go to the point in the clip that you want to start at, plug the male-to-male cable into both the headphone and microphone jacks, and ensure your volume is up.

A quick tip though: when you begin recording, make sure your sound is up at least to 80 % and that you click "record" on the sound recorder BEFORE you click play on your clip.

Once it is recorded, save it, etc. Go to your Gmail account and add the sound as an attachment to the e-mail, with the adressee field filled with <yournumber>@vzwpix.com (for verizon wireless customers).  Not sure how to send it to your phone? Have your phone send a picture to your e-mail first, then just reply.

Already have the full clip without needing to record? You get to skip the recording parts!
Just e-mail the sound or video to your phone.
Ta-daa! Now go irritate your friends and aquaintences with sound clips you thought were funny at 2 in the morning.

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